Burlex Fitness and Flex & Tone classes concentrate on muscle strengthening, increasing flexibility and body toning. If you want to lose weight, become more flexible, tone up those dreaded flabby areas or simply want to try a new hobby and meet new friends, then this is for you.

The classes are set in a relaxed friendly environment. No dance experience is required. Classes are suitable for any age (over 16), any size and ideal for beginners to advanced levels of fitness and flexibility.
On the night of your session, we ask you to wear comfortable gym clothing and trainers and bring a bottle of water with you. We use various props in class such as a hat, feather boa and fan. If you don’t have all your props for the first night, you will still be able to take part in the entire class.


Kirklandneuk Community Centre, 9 Ness Rd, Renfrew, PA4 9DE
Monday – Burlex Fitness

Saturday – Yoga shred HIIT workout and Yinyasa yoga.

Please check space availability before booking as numbers are limited.

(Due to government guidelines on Covid-19,  days and times of classes may be subject to change.)


By submitting this form, you agree to follow instructions within the class under the supervision of the BurleX Instructor. If you have any health issues or injuries that may affect your ability or safety in class, it is your responsibility to disclose this information to your instructor prior to your first session. All information is confidential and will not be shared by a third party.