1. Am I fit enough to attend a Burlex Fitness Class?

Burlex Fitness classes provide a medium level of cardio fitness in the form of interval training. Everyone is encouraged to work at a pace that is comfortable for them. We offer various adaptations of core moves too, so no matter what shape or size, the moment you begin, you’re building your own personal fitness level.

2. How do I become a Burlex Fitness instructor in my area?

Visit our ‘instructor courses’ page to find when our next online or one day training course will be held. If we don’t have any training days that suit you, there are also the option of our flexy home study course which can be booked on any date throughout the year.

3. Are there any prerequisites?

To apply on our courses we ask that you are aged 18 or over, have a recognised dance or fitness qualification or a minimum qualification of Level 2 Exercise to Music. If you enjoy motivating and supporting others then this is the perfect job for you.  For our home study students, we ask that you already teach other styles of dance or fitness and can provide evidence of relevant teaching and training qualifications.

4. What is the difference between the set courses and the home study course?

The home study option allows you the same working opportunities as the one day or 6 week course although you have 6 months to complete. With the home study course you can choose your own days and hours you wish to study and learn around your current work schedule. You will be provided with a range of Burlex Fitness choreographed routines showing a mix of prop and core steps through video links. Video chats are also available with home study trainees and a lead Burlex instructor is always at hand to discuss any questions you may have regarding your training.

5. How am I assessed during my training?

The contents of the home study and 6 week course are split into five sections consisting of four theory and one practical element. The theory sections will be answered and findings will be logged in a workbook to show evidence that you understand the program’s structure and formula. On the 6th week, you will deliver a Burlex masterclass along with your own choreographed routines to your mentor’s students. This will be recorded and used for evidence of your teachings. Your mentor will collect your completed course workbook and notes on the last week and compile a file to be submitted for Burlex Fitness management. The contents of the one day training course is predominantly practical assessments and tasks which include choreography and teaching competence.

6. What if I am not ready to deliver a masterclass at the end of the 6 weeks?

Once you have attended all relevant classes and discussed any queries with your mentor, there should be no reason for you not to be ready. The course is structured and designed for every aspect of the program to be covered and experienced in full within the 6 week timescale. Our Burlex mentors are highly experienced fitness instructors with years of teaching under their belts. They will ensure by the 6th week that you are confident to deliver a masterclass and fully understand all aspects of the Burlex program.

7. How am I assessed with the one day online training course?

Assessment criteria: 

  1. Practical and theory 4 hours group training.
  2. Practical and theory individual assessments. 
  3. One to one interviews with a Burlex mentor.

This is our most popular teacher training course. With this delivery, we have included the option for new instructors to pay a monthly subscription rather than annually. Once subscribed, we give you everything you need to get you started on your Burlex journey along with continual support, choreography, advertising and mentoring. 

8. How do I sign up to become a Burlex instructor?

Click on your desired course day on the ‘Instructor Training’ page and complete the registration form. Once completed you will be directed to PayPal and your booking will be confirmed once the payment has been made.

9. How much is a training course?

Our certified instructor training courses range from £99.00 – £245.00 depending on location and duration of the course.

10. I would like to train as a Burlex Fitness instructor but financial commitments are holding me back. Can I receive any funding to help towards the course?

Yes, you may be eligible to apply for up to £125 towards your course with the EMD UK Academy Open Bursary Scheme.

What is EMD UK bursary scheme?

Burlex Fitness are affiliated with EMD UK (the National Governing Body and Umbrella Organisation for Exercise, Movement and Dance).  EMD UK work in harmony with affiliates and partners to get more people enjoying fitness and to increase the amount of quality teachers delivering EMD.

Duo qualification …..
We’ve also teamed up with EMD UK to give individuals one easy package and streamlined route to becoming the ultimate dance fitness instructor. Combining Burlex Fitness with either the Exercise to Music or Dance Fitness Qualification these packages are a one stop shop for aspiring NEW instructors.
The Burlex Fitness/ EMD UK duo course consists of: 
Burlex Fitness specific one day training. (8 hours)
Your choice of entry level qualification either Level 2 Exercise to Music or Level 2 Dance Fitness (6 weeks approx of e-learning followed by 4 practical days at the course venue).

Who is the funding available for?

It is available to anyone wanting to take an exercise, movement and dance qualification, including our Burlex Fitness Instructor Training Course. To apply for funding and give your new career the best possible start, please visit  EMD Open bursary funding

11. What happens after I sign up?

You will receive notification from a lead Burlex Fitness instructor 7 days prior to the event. You may start looking for places to hold your classes but will not have permission to use our marketing material, brand name or logo until you have completed the course and signed the licence agreement.

12. What is the instructor licence and how long does it last? 

The instructor licence is an agreement between the instructor and BurleX Fitness. It allows the instructor to use Burlex Fitness marketing material, brand logo name, receive new monthly choreographed routines and have access to free advertising through the website and Burlex social media sites. You will become part of the Burlex instructor network and have continual support from our team, with choreography tips from our instructor trainers as well as invitations to workshops and masterclasses.

The licence fee costs £120.00 (the first year is paid in advance). This subscription is an automatic recurring fee through Paypal and needs to be activated within a fortnight of qualifying from your course. Ongoing subscriptions after the first year can continue annually or purchased on a monthly basis priced at £15.00 per month. Our prices can’t be beat and there are no other hidden costs or fees.

13. How soon can I start teaching classes?

Once you have completed the theory and practical tasks, have been signed off by your lead instructor and your licence fee subscription is activated, you are ready to begin.

14. What if I disagree with my training outcome? Can I appeal?

If you have any issues with the outcome of your training, please contact us at info@burlexfitness.co.uk and we will respond within 7 working days. Should you feel this is necessary, please include all information including your name, number, email, your Instructors name, the venue and details of your query.