Tease Performance


If I had a penny for every time I heard ‘I can’t go to a BurleX class until I’ve lost weight’ or ‘I could never have the confidence to do it’, I would be a millionaire!

BurleX Fitness classes teach and prepare you to love your body and feel comfortable within your own skin. Week by week, you’ll gradually feel the positive effects and others will notice an energetic new confidence emanate from you.

I introduced Tease Performance classes to my fitness students over four years ago now. With a little bit of encouragement, lots of laughs and giggles, my ladies strutted out into the spotlight for the first time and have never looked back. The majority of them had never danced before yet alone perform on stage, but they embraced the true essence of burlesque and showed the audience that there is nothing more beautiful and sexy than a women who is completely unapologetically confident with her body (flaws and all).

The photographs featured are all from charity events and showcases that our fitness students organised or performed at.

“Our tease performance class has been a brilliant way for me to discover my inner sexy diva, giving me the confidence to believe in myself and there’s nothing more empowering than dancing a sexy routine in front of an audience. Should be on every girls bucket list.”

“What a fab workshop, I felt totally out my comfort zone at the start but Amy was amazing and by the end I felt like one very empowered, confident and sexy lady.” 

“I’ve always been a big girl with no confidence but going to these classes have made me love my body and myself again.”